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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 14, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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there and do it. going to the gym is a great idea so everyone in the audience is going home with a 6-month membership to crunch gym! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> and this really was a holiday extravaganza! >> yeah! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> a good time was head by all. doctor's orders are short and sweet: have a wonderful and happy holiday season, those are my doctor's orders, be sure to check out for more information on how you can get any of the great products that we featured on the show today. see you next time! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4 a.m. start now. >> good morning it is
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friday, 14. we are taking live look outside from our roof camera back at some >>, and a quick update are like there were yesterday morning. similar conditions today as yesterday at this time. that means call for people. >> the temperatures we are seeing 44 in oakland. 46 in san francisco. santa rosa 34 degrees. the same in napa. freezing, are the conditions in pleasanton and livermore. >> our attention struck down out to the east in the low to mid '30's. 35 in vallejo. in the south bay chilly. 39 in sunnyvale. 39 in san jose as well. cold out the door. as we head for the
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afternoon we are looking for a possibility of showers mainly by the coast and the south bay. the coastal regions santa cruz mountains. >> the bulk of moisture for today will stay to our north. changes as we head into saturday that some expecting more rain to get a little bit more widespread. >> the rain is mostly for saturday not too much this afternoon. >> and other cold day in the afternoon hours upper '40's below fifties. 49 in san raphael. up '40's and santa rosa. lower fifties everywhere adjutancy on the map it will coolas you can see.d low 50s to watch as we push
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for 7:00 p.m.. '40's come back into view. we may see some '30's and the diablo range. expect another cold night. here is your 7 day around the bay forecast. on average 50 degree weather today. tipsters dropping down into the low to mid- 30s tonight. expect another cold evening. --temperatures dropping down into the low to mid-30s. >> potentially a wet weekend. not impressive for rentals but it will be widespread. that will linger into next week. our extended forecast continues with unsettled weather. that is your forecast. >> watching the bridges around the bay area quiet now at the bay bridge no back up or delays or meter lights. >> the san mateo bridge is quiet here this morning traffic moving smoothly both east and west bound. at the
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golden gate bridge construction in marin county be down to one lane as you make your way towards the bridge south bound. right now very few cars making their right of the span. >> falling on this friday morning. san jose is getting a break our reporter explains. >> this is a common sight along santa clara st. in downtown san jose. next to operational businesses council member says he and his colleagues to try to change this. released a proposal called for business. the goal is to lower the cost of new businesses to open up by requiring landlords to charge $1 or less per square foot. for a 12 month period he says this will encourage businesses to lease. in turn the city will waive the
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permit and license the associates' incomwith fixing of commercial space. >> for tenant improvements as well as what other improvements they need to get up and running and p.m. permits they need. a lot of small businesses are looking to get going in this economy. >> the proposal-test a city council committee will consider the proposal at its first meeting in january. >> what we know is that landlords want red. where they have an empty storefront they do not get any. when they are able to encourage a tenant to move in quickly they are willing to forgo a lot of rent. knowing they are able to get an auction that will continue to pay rent in the fall storabfor civil future.
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>> deputies will be on hand as students return to cupertino schools this morning a bomb threat made against a teacher yesterday morning closed schools and cupertino. >> school officials found graffiti on walls of lynbrook high school. climb a bomb had been planted on amounts of this high-school, targeting a specific feature. >> another getting message sounded in neighboring middle school. bomb sniffing dogs are brought in to search each classroom. >> no explosive device was found, but police are taking the threat seriously. >> we are working together following up on the sleaze. >> the threat also close down a nearby grade school. police are not confirming reports but the teacher has been threatened before the teacher is being closely watched by the parties. >> we are learning more about the san francisco police sergeant who posted a
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video of its high-speed joy ride for the broadway tunnel and a lamborghini. hitting 100 mi. an hour. >> kron fours reggie kumar tells us sergeant carl tee has a new job. >> sergeant he commented that him in his friends were drunk that is what was reported. he posted this on his face book page in september. an internal investigation is being conducted. san francisco police say investigators will go over this video and possibly contact facebook. >> the sergeant could receive a written reprimand be suspended or fired. misconduct is classified as any breach of peace and let the do the, reflects this credit on the departments shall be considered on officer like conduct. subject to disciplinary action. >> the surgeon is being
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considered to be suspended. the investigation has not been completed. it appears the san francisco police will be allowed to stay on the force. in san francisco ridgy kumar kron 4 news. >> a live look at the san mattel bridge on this friday morning were traffic is light.
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taking a look at the stock market this morning market futures indicate shows all three indexes in the positive. but stocks ended down yesterday. >> as the president and john boehner seemingly got nowhere on the fiscal cliff
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tops. >> here is a look at yesterday's close the numbers on wall street the dow dropped 75 points. >> the nasdaq san 22 to fall below 3000. >> and the s&p 500 lost nine points. >> the day iphone users have been waiting for has a right. >> bull has released its google maps mobile application with the iphone. the past three months iphone users have been stuck with apple maps which have been widely ridiculed. >> kron 4 tech reporter gave a slate shows us the new google maps. >> this is a must for any iphone user. what is interesting is this new version of google maps for iphone is way better than the old one. it has a lot of new features. i will show you that in a minute. first this whole apple map debacle is interesting. apple rarely
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makes mistakes. let us do a recap. >> when apple unveiled idle as six operating system for the iphone they shocked the public sent there were mapping themselves. this will replace google maps that were normally automatically the stinstalled their devices. there were problems. >> roadways would appear to be melted. entire cities and towns were missing from the mapping program. >> apple maps was ridd ridiculed. >> ceo to apologize and fire the league executive. >> just as things were coming down for apple maps australia went public telling their citizens not to use the act and that it was dangerous. now getting to the town of milk door it put you in the center of the out that where there is no
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for water and gets to 115 degrees. >> this is what brings us here today and why google maps is a big deal and being back for the iphone. it has turn by turn for directions, voice searched and st. you, it includes public transit schedules. you can search and navigate to. gave the slaves kron 4 news. >> as the kron 4 morning news continues a small earthquake on the sandy a go coast details will be right ahead as the kron 4 morning news continues. traffic is moving smooth.
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of combat to the kron 4 morning news a are quake off the california coast near the mexican border was a 6.3. rattling parts of southern california. it happened around 2:30 a.m.. the earthquake was reported
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shortly after 230 this morning about 88 mi. off the coast of avvalon . >> another earthquake off the coast san diego was reported shortly after this one a 4.7. as of right now there no tsunami warnings in effect. >> to strong earthquake off the coast of to watch the tide was the highest tide of the year the king tide of flooding and traffic headaches and the bay area in mill valley. the northbound 101 and highway one ramp was closed because the water was too high. >> even so, some drivers went through it. the popular bike that was also under water, forcing some cyclist to turnaround. >> water even got into some businesses. >> the park and ride lot look like a lake. warning
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signs went up telling people which parking spots to avoid. people we talk to the were impressed by the tide. >> never experienced this before. >> the king tide happen every year there are caused by the alignment of the sun and moon. which causes a strong gravitational pull. on the ocean water pulling the high tied up all round the bay area. >> still a high tide this morning expect some flooding in the same areas. >> us take a look at the forecasts we will began with a look from our roof camera. once again we are off to a cold start. >> in fact it is cold enough we are seeing temperatures at the freezing mark out to the east in the valleys. >> pleasanton and livermore 32 degrees. mid '30's would vallejo and napa. 34 in santa rosa 36 the bottle. >>-novato. we have a frost
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advisory in effect the area in pink is where we are calling for freezing conditions at least possibly frost from about 2:00 a.m. is when it started it will last about 8:00 a.m. before the morning sunshine start. >> that's when we will see colder temperatures as you wake up and head out the door. looking at today there is rain possible mainly in the coast. a chance does exist in small amounts and some are in response. a light chance. this weekend the chances ramp up. light rain saturday night going into sunday. that is when we have a cold front that will bring us a decent showers. >> that point the weather will stay on stable for us going into next week. expect scattered showers for the next seven days. we will show you that in our 7 day
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around the bay forecast. >> take a look at satellite and radar view the front of system is pushing through. that is where the bulk of the moisture is located. that is where it will weaker offshore. saturday we will see the main action rolled through. a quick look as we push the map for. it is following up near eureka and ukiah. we head into saturday afternoon saturday evening that is when will see the minister make it our way. >> pictures this afternoon looking for 52 in mountain view. san jose at 52. low fifties in the south bay out to the east. a few upper '40's. 49 for antioch. the locations at the 50 degree mark could be 48 or 49 this afternoon. as we head to san francisco downtown 50 degrees. 51 and oakland. 47
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in petaluma. we to afford is across the north bay. a cold afternoon once again for a lot of people there. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast says rain likely saturday night into sunday. as we mentioned earlier unstable weather through next week as well. adjutancy towards thursday's scattered showers. we will fine tune the timing as we head into the week. if you are making plans with the wicked it will probably be a wet. >> traffic all around the bay area moving smoothly at the bay bridge no major delays or problems. >> at the san mateo bridge light traffic moving in both directions at the speed limit as you make it with a high-rise. >> at the golden gate bridge construction has the bridge down to one lane as you make your way near this the point towards the tunnel. >> it should be wrapping up
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within the next half-hour at the north end of the bridge. >> it is likely part of its real. >> caltran is conducting an emergency preparedness drill tomorrow in redwood city. >> the training exercise will happen all morning in the to the late afternoon on an unused portion of track near costco at middlefield and would side roads. >> nearby residents and businesses will be able to see a locomotive with passenger cars, as well as a police and fire personnel and vehicles with like sirens. >> bart police are stepping off security this holiday shopping season to make sure riders phil said. >> stepping up security. >> there will be more office of riding the trains and safeguarding busy downtown san francisco stations. it is hoped that will help prevent crime and shoppers
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are particularly boehner will carrying some holiday gifts. >> bart is the warning passengers to stay alert. >> scary moment in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood. a driver was try to back out of a parking space, when that person had the escalator by mistake. >> sending the car flying 40 ft. over the embankment. >> people were surprised when they saw the car in that awkward position on the cliff. >> i jumped out of the car and to see was everett the blockade they were climbing out of the car one by one. >> that never happens. i have never seen anyone flight over the curve like that. >> thankfully no one was hurt the family in the car was fine. it was no easy job to bring the tow truck a fight between shoppers at a santa rosa plaza in its with
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one of them being stabbed in the neck. >> the stabbing happened of a lower level near the escalator's by sears. >> police said the victim and the suspect, both in their 20s or acquaintances who have had a falling out. >> the victim allegedly assaulting the of a woman-- other man who then pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim in the neck. instead to the hospital his condition is unknown. >> the woman was killed in a crash and on the san mateo bridge is been identified as 24 year-old hayward resident marisol marsalis. >> a dallas was back--was in the backseat of a honda that had a flat tire in the westbound lanes of the bridge at about 3:30 a.m. yesterday. >> the driver of the hot the turn on the vehicles hazard lights and slowed down, but a range rover traveling in the same plane failed to
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stop for the disabled car and struck from behind. >> browse was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the driver of the honda suffered minor facial cuts and the driver of the range rover was not injured. >> drugs or alcohol were not believed to be a factor in the crash, and no one was arrested. >>
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new this morning pentagon officials say the united states will deploy 400 troops into patriot air defense missile batteries to turkeys. >> turkey and the nato both insist the development is only to defend against potential threats of syria. >> defense secretary leon panetta signed the order was on his way to turkey. where he will visit an air base. >> so far there's no word on how long the development of less. >> it is just a matter of days until the nation goes over the fiscal cliff but the real crunch time comes the next couple of days. >> italy schmidt has more from washington.
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>> it and then but i can't be enough. if that was the case and there the secretary of state announced the bthe in is fast approaching. >> the president still is not serious about dealing with this issue right here. it is this issue. spending. >> democrats countered there are plenty of presidential details it is just that the speaker is on willing to listen to them. >> the speaker cannot ignore the american people forever. at some point reality should set in. >> what is john boehner waiting for. >> democrats and republicans are to focus on and not increasing taxes for the wealth is americans. >> this is just not right. how does this make sense. when time is of the essence
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of the clock is ticking. >> congress is going home as of now the key negotiators are talking for at least one more time. in washington i believe it. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a look at the golden gate bridge this morning were traffic is light. >>
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we are following the latest with the earthquake that hit off the california coast southwest of san diego. was a 63 hit at 2:30 a.m. this morning. about 100 mi. southwest of avalon. the city on catalina island. another earthquake off the coast san diego for release shortly after the one at a 4.7. >> as of right now there are
4:31 am
no tsunami warnings in effect. no reports of injuries. >> let us is to call upon the weather forecast. >> good morning marc is cold. it is really cold this morning. and live look at the golden gate bridge relatively clear skies a scene that is almost identical to what we saw yesterday morning. we have 36 degrees in the bottle. 34 in santa rosa. 32 of the freezing mark and pleasanton and livermore. pleasanton may have updated a degree. 32-33. in mexico for '30's and the low '40's in the south bay. we have a frost advisory in effect in the east bay valley. you will notice a good layer of frost on the cars when you wake up and head out the door. >> for the morning hours
4:32 am
with both oracle and frosted with clouds on the increase in to the afternoon. the temperatures in the upper '30's to low '40's. light rain is possible this afternoon at the coast mostly. temperatures on a tight rental of for '40's to low 50s. the light rain chance primarily for the coast. it will probably be south peninsula as you get toward santa cruz maybe 30 to 40%. most a dry in chile as we head into the overnight hours. another evening of temperatures in the up 30 to low for this night. the satellite radar view shows the system that will push through over the course of the weekend. now we have patches of moisture offshore that is not impacting us now. the bulk of the energy well to our north. adjutancy on the map between eureka and ukiah. we
4:33 am
have a relatively unstable weather pattern going forward. >> today to the to the upper forties to low 50s. it will be a chilly afternoon wherever you are. it is a nice grouping of temperatures as we head into the evening hours it will cool off. futurecast 4:02 p.m. shows mainly lower fifties as we head towards 7:00 p.m. we will drop in the '40's and the upper '30's as we head into the overnight hours. >> futurecast 4 has the rain developing not too much except for the coast. into a pop up near santa cruz. that is all we can expect out today's weather pattern. into the overnight hours mostly clear watch what happens into tomorrow saturday morning a.m. and i stand showers began to push through. by noon time that will center over the bay. that is what we are expecting for tomorrow. a more active day in terms of
4:34 am
rain. the rain tents will stay with us into the first half of sunday. even into next week unstable weather hangs around, scattered showers in the forecast, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> no major incidents on the bay area rose as far as the chp law is concerned. at the bay bridge no traffic or metering lights. >> traffic slowed to san francisco. >> no major delays or problems at the san mateo bridge headed westbound towards the high rise. >> the golden gate the morning construction will last until 5:00 a.m. as you make your approach to the span coming 1 01 south bound towards marin. >> no major delays coming into the city or going out. >> stories we are watching one of five people charged with murdering a man found bound and gagged on a san francisco street will be arraigned today. the other four suspects are expected to appear in court today for the hearing. those four
4:35 am
pleaded not guilty yesterday. >> the male victim, steven reed, and a woman were found on the road on the 900 block of brussels st. rte. 830 sunday morning. the female victim as expected to survive. >> the teenager who ran over--a man convicted of sexually assaulting three women in several discos mission district will learn his fate this afternoon. >> frederick dozer jr. was found guilty on 25 felony counts including sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery for attacking three women last year. >> the teenager who ran over and killed a nine year-old concord girl and her father and injured her sister while hiking, is back in court this afternoon. >> 18 year-old david
4:36 am
martinez has a restitution hearing. >> on april 7th, rosen was beating on treat boulevard and concord and lost control of his vehicle hitting and killing 41 year-old man and a nine year-old girl. >> the judge sentenced rosa to more than seven years in prison. because he was a juvenile at the time of the accidental released read years when he turns 21. >> an investigation is underway the morning this morning into a traffic accident that took the life of a 21 year-old concord man last friday, tonight a candlelight vigil will water is life. >> police said, scott hickerson was skateboarding on my team boulevard erickson wrote when he was hit by an s u v. tonight's public vigil be held at 7:00 or the crash happened on monument boulevard. >> san jose police have
4:37 am
identified the teenager fatally shot earlier this week. 8 year old john cody was found shot near crashed fairhaven drive tuesday afternoon. the preliminary investigation revealed that he guessed that his injuries were consistent with the homicide. is the city's 44, of the year. no suspects the been identified or arrested in this case. >> police asking for tips related to a deadly east oakland shooting. >> it happened just southeast of the coliseum ride and the middle that and yet today. it was here on 83rd avenue and d street. we have a video from the scene. the male victim died at the scene. the motive is known. >> this is the 122nd murder in oakland this year. there were 105 all of last year. >> to you crews from san
4:38 am
francisco no quarrel with local police will be holding a gun bed that debt buyback program tomorrow. this the first time the local police as their physical police have joined together for this type program. >> workers at pg&e rushing to check more than 1500 pieces of underground electrical quit because of possible safety hazards. the 7:00 reports mandatory inspections on the equipment may not been performed and they suspect that some of the workers lied about checks. as a result pg&e has fired or suspended employees and 11 contract workers. >> in a statement, the company said it expects workers and contractors profit from a document of inspections that are assigned. >> the barry bonds site continues this morning. a federal appeals court will hear bonds' appeal of his obstruction of justice conviction early next year. >> the career home run leader was convicted last april for giving evasive,
4:39 am
rambling reply before a grand jury when he asked what did you receive drugs. >> pont lawyer argued the answers were accurate and not meant to obstruct justice. >> or order to schedule in february 13th instead francisco. >> will be back with more coming up on kron 4
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welcome back we have been falling in report that the the nation's prominent banks may be targets of massive cyber security threat. it is aimed at draining money out people's account. brian todd has the details. >> you are a on-line banking customer someone who has a substantial amount in your account. you log: date and have a small amount and you may not notice it is gone. a new report by a top digital security firm says some of america's biggest banks 30 of them are at risk of a massive cyber attack next spring that could siphon millions of dollars from unsuspecting customers. >> the name of the project splotch project blixzkrieg.
4:42 am
>> ted calhoun is an is the vp of the anti virus software firm mcafee which issues the report. it backed up the report by a security firm r as a. account holders in large mainstream banks third party. mcafee says this attack is from a cyber deck by a russian actor. >> is trying to build a army of hackers to extend the house is actively executing the project itself is that he has a computer that monitors and controls all of the infected devices. >> calhoun says the hackers are going after individuals who have a lot of money. limiting the number of targets. and only planning to take fractions of cash for each account. so the account holders and the bank itself may not notice the first. >> how are they getting in?
4:43 am
kaelin says they're starting with a fishing camp for to get an e-mail with an attachment and click on the attachment. the computer is controlled by servers operated by hackers. when a user connects to his or her bank the hackers to monitor the accounts including the password. then the assets the money and transfer it out. if you are targeted for you on the hook for the money stolen? >> if you want to your account keep in touch toe--close touch with your bank. >> the bank will reimburse you if your knowledge the account was unauthorized if that is confirmed. >> we will be back on the kron 4 morning news continue a look at the bay bridge moving smoothly on this friday morning.
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] ( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly beat there were
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decorating trees in union square which grows out cookies, wait not this country. >> yet girl scout cookies. >> this kind of tree, it is the holiday season in san francisco union square. you can tell from of the gift buying. >> a kind of beer do drink. also you got a beer, you to put the sign down the not in a whole on i need another one. >> and a bad driver sped away bay while committing violations this case it is not left turn. >> but if you what you will see driver after driver after driver doing just that. >> remember the guy that wave earlier let us have a chat with him. >> we are tourist is just our first day here digits in the sign that said no left turn. >> held no i did not see it but you saw the camera. >> then there was used driver, apparently.
4:47 am
>> and this driver has there park where you want but an active in an active turn line so that makes it ok. >> during the holiday rush the panhandlers come out in force, will after all they know there is many here remember this. >> every time you take a picture of a street artist or performer you must give them a dollar tip. >> this man is trying to help all the shoppers by giving him directions and maps is sort of on official tourist guide. >> one final note, while shopping remember to be aware of your surroundings. remember if i am watching you so are the bad guys. >> they don't still our phones why we are standing on the corner. >> in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> stargazers who stayed up late and braved the cold
4:48 am
glass i enjoyed quite a show. >> these streaks of light from the annual geminid meeting showers and an even more rare event, meteor's carried along by the comment wirtanen . this is the first time the comet debris field across the earth orbit, nasa says it may have produced some of the missing last night. >> last night was the peak of germinid beer shower, which happens every december and get its name from the constellation gemini i. >> this is a live look out of the east bay this is our walnut creek camera showing traffic on 680. it is cold and clear. 33 degrees and pleasanton. 32 in livermore. right at the freezing mark for power in to limi our inlandy
4:49 am
families. >> it is the same as yesterday a cold start today. a frost advisory in effect for the inland valleys. until about 8:00 a.m.. that is when we would expect the sun to warm things up and get us out of that really cold temperature range where we defrost on your windshield and cars. >> you may have to spend extra time falling out your windshield. >> today rain possible mainly at the coast. weekend rains likely saturday afternoon into saturday night. and also into sunday. the weather will stay on the sta on stable side. >> satellite and radar shows--on the stable sidunstabl
4:50 am
>> light when after offshore may be impacting the southern peninsula as we head into the santa cruz mountains. this afternoon temperatures in the upper 50s. that will be the general trend for the whole bay area. 52 in san jose. 50 in campbell. 49 in the on the invalid. >> upper '40's and the delta antioch 495051. you get the idea at tide temperature range. upper '40's and the north bay valley. >> due to cast four has a day in today not a lot going on. by noon a bit of rain by the peninsula coast toward santa cruz. >> and it fizzles out for the rest of the day by 9:00 tonight not much going on.
4:51 am
saturday things pick up by 8:00 a.m. we are seeing light moderate or heavy rain along the north--northern california coastline. by noon time that center or the order of the bay area-- heart of the bay area. >> rain for the weekend on stable with scattered showers. raining all next week. >> let's get an update with traffic. the major incidents on the chp law. traffic moving smoothly. some of the on the bay bridge with no delay in no metering lights. >> the san mateo bridge traffic is moving to the in both directions the right hand side had its worst high-rise traffic picking up a bit but moving at a limit. >> the golden gate bridge to the overnight construction wrapping up. 101 south down as you hit the bridge construction work on the northern edge of the span. >> and aspiring teen artist
4:52 am
may have gotten the surprise of a lifetime. a sinking sensation in one amazing reaction. >> a 14 year-old up and coming singer. >> ♪ record management or to come to l.a. and record a stevie wonder song should not wonder. >> she just did it. her idol suddenly materialized as she was singing this song. ♪ how're you doing? >> pinch me. pinch me. >> pinch you? >> can i have a hug?
4:53 am
>> even after the of the cannot her to double check. >> are you stevie wonder? >> sometimes. >> it turns out and interscope records executive begged stevie wonder is manager to listen to the video. after he agreed to show up in surprise the kid. >> that was mind blowing. >> steve played while the song was signed. >> imagining your idols voice >> ♪ it turns out this was not the first time that stevie wonder has done this. >> ♪ oprah, calls it one of her favorite moments star search check in j. simpson was singing this song. and they had arranged for a surprise guest.
4:54 am
>> ♪ (cheers and applause) eventually they turned it into a duet. >> ♪ the prank on a song was an attempt on by his record company to create a video but his mom cried. >> surprise was nothing less and stevie wonderful. >> that was awesome! i love you! >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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4:56 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. one music great designer by the library of congress, while we say goodbye to another. elisabeth corridan has today's hollywood minute.
4:57 am
>> a government spokesman in mexico announced a minstar has remains been positively identified. the plane crash sunday leaving no survivors. funeral plans are not said what a more will be held in mexico at which her ashes will be taken to a final resting place and loss angeles. >> off carol king careers has been more than some kind of wonderful. >> the library of congress is honoring the songwriter and singer with the gershwin prize for popular song. nestle for his like so far away, and you have a friend. >> she says she is proud to be among such distinguished company as paul simon, stevie wonder, >> matt damon is showing of his acting jobs. he told playboy he avoids nudity but he bears all in hbo movie liberace behind the camera. >> the movie will not be for everyone he says. his
4:58 am
partner michael douglas plays liberace the movie is set to air next year. >> for hollywood minute bible is a corridan. >> that is will be on hand at to cupertino schools after a bomb threat close schools. >> bart is making travel safer for holiday shoppers will tell you how bart is >and beefing up security. >>
4:59 am
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> good morning the top stories we're following this friday december 14th overnight a strong earthquake hits off the coast of southern california will have the latest on the aftershocks and where specifically it was felt. >> live from cupertino to schools are set to reopen following a bomb threat towards a teacher. >> it is cold out there be ready for the series of storms that are headed to the bay. let us start out
5:01 am
with james fletcher us what you to the weather for today >> this morning cold and there is frost a frost advisory into that for east bay valley. temperatures in the '30's for some of our cold spots down to 32, 33 degrees. the warmest spots 40, 41, 42 degrees. it is cold. light rain is a possibility mostly on the coast could get a light sprinkle inland. this evening we will keep it mainly dry and chilly once again as we head into the overnight hours. the rain it kicks in tomorrow we will talk more about that before check the weather. let us to update on your commute. >> traffic is light around the bay area native problems. light traffic from the golden gate bridge. in both directions of 101 it
5:02 am
will take you 21 minutes to get between downtown san francisco and novato. the full traffic check coming up in just a bit. >> 5:01 a.m. now. a 6.3 magnitude earthquake rattled parts of southern california this morning. the earthquake was reported trolley after 2:30 a.m. this morning about 100 mi. off the coast of avalon . that is the palin islands. another earthquake off the coast of san diego was reported shortly after that this one a 4.7. as of right now there are no tsunami warnings in effect and no reports of any damage. >> and development story on to vista high school in lincoln elementary will open this morning. there were close to day after school officials found graffiti at another school that made a threat against the month of is the teacher. our solo reporter mike pelton joins
5:03 am
us live from modest. >> a quiet morning here at monta vista school. >> police are still here blocking the entrance. >> support is get the all clear saying everything is safe. nonetheless a scary day for students and parents. initially some of the video from yesterday's it began before 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning. police searched and check out graffiti at nearby lynn br ook high school. >> or feat targeted a specific teacher at monta vista high school. the artist came on the scene with a canine unit enter school. they evacuated the school as well as nearby lincoln elementary. >> he is one of the sweetest teachers. he recently got married and had a child. he is so happy and pure. i was surprised it was
5:04 am
him. >> he is a really nice guy. i am kind of curious as to what reason someone would have to go after him. >> the good news is authorities did not find a bomb on campus are any other hazard. this has turned into a big hoax. authorities say it is not funny they are searching to find who was behind a hoax. and say you ever behind it is could face felony charges as it is a serious offense. we will get reaction from students and parents. they have had a night to reflect on what transpired yesterday. we will ask how they felt. knowing whoever is behind the bomb threat is out there. >> investigators returned to fremont to figure out what caused the fire there at sea and h enterprises at 801 blocoggs drive. broke out
5:05 am
yesterday afternoon. >> the roof of the building collapse in crews battled from the tops of their fight in its extended ladders. the fire was under control within about an hour. >> nearby businesses were evacuated but firefighters were able to contain the fire to the building alone the one was injured. >> one of the five people charged with murdering a man found bound and gagged on san francisco's st. will be arraigned today. >> the other four suspects are expected to appear in court today for the hearing. the male victim, steven reed and woman were found on the road of a 900 block of brussels reroute 830 sunday night the female victim as expected to survive >> police are investigating in attended kidnapping in south bay. >> a 13 year old girl was
5:06 am
approached yesterday morning while walking to a whole and middle school in south bay. >> a man assur to get into a van. >> the road for him and continue on her way. >> officials from school is rewarding teachers and parents please describe the suspect as a hispanic man, a light skin, short black hair and clean shaven. >> san jose police have identified the teenager fatally shot earlier this week. 18 year-old john cody ssoneberg was found shot near it crashed on fairhaven drive tuesday afternoon. >> the preliminary investigation revealed that he has as his injuries were consistent with a homicide. this the city's 44, of the year nor arrest suspects have been identified in this situation. >> stock futures are higher
5:07 am
ahead of the opening bell, as investigators will report that manufacturing is continue to pick up in china, the world's second- largest economy. >> the games are fairly modest though as with about two weeks left until the end of the year, the gridlock in washington is also at forefront of investors' minds. the dow dropped 75 points, the nasdaq and s&p also closed lower. reports due in the next hour will keep an eye out for consumer prices and industrial production report. and businesses news making headlines this morning the parent company of discovery channel says it is buying stev12 tv networks in europe in a deal worth about 1.7
5:08 am
million >> will be right back with more on traffic and
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:09 is the time right now and there may still be a little jews destined blackberry. >> immigration and customs and force and says that will test the new >>-10 smart phones after phasing out older black bears in favor of i foams. >> the announcement has
5:11 am
inject some life investors toward to the stock which had lost about 75% of its value in the last two years on evidence that the make or break >> tin line is gaining traction with are ibm's bread-and-butter customers. >> the >> tale of the sunday were 30. >> amazon spending isn't video service and clout player at a more mobile devices. >> the instant video app is now available on the iphone and the ipad itouch, with options for streaming or downloading content for amazons video collection. >> amazon prime customers also have streaming across to offer 30,000 movies and tv shows on the instant video at pp. >> even though research is
5:12 am
bemercedes-benz has been seen record sales and the u.s., there still expected to lose its lead to rival bmw. >> yacht makers have been tight race for the top spot in the competitive u.s. luxury market, with mercedes slightly ahead of bmw by about 2000 vehicles in november. both automakers are expected to use incentives a special financing offers drops children the holiday season. >> new this morning. pentagon officials say the united states will deploy 400 troops into patriot air defense missile batteries to turkey. >> turkey and nato both insist the deployment is only to defend against potential threats from syria. >> defense secretary leon panetta signed the order while on his way to turkey
5:13 am
where he will visit the airbase. >> so far there's no word on how long the plant will last. >> will be right back on the kron warfor morning and you won't take my life.
5:14 am
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and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ bart police are stepping up security this holiday season to make sure riders
5:16 am
was safe. >> there'll be more officers riding the trains and safeguarding busy downtown san francisco stations. >> it is hoped that this will help prevent crime when shoppers are particularly our will, carrying holiday gifts. >> the ad police presence expected to be helpful but bart is to warning passengers to stellar. >> a live look outside watching the san mateo bridge and the golden gate bridge pretty quiet in the weather and traffic department. >> james has details on rain on the way. >> our south bay camera showing us sandals say. it is clear and cold everywhere around the bay area. 46 in san francisco. 39 in san jose. 33 degrees and pleasanton. at the freezing mark within a degree or two. 35 in vallejo. 35 in fairfield. but '30's across the bay. be prepared for the cold. there is a frost
5:17 am
advisory in effect for the east bay. is in effect until a.m. this morning. when the sun shines about it will start to warm up and will fill to purchase with a bit. as we head for the forecast was it the potential for rain today. many of the coast not a lot. but the threat is there. this weekend it becomes more likely. in fact saturday afternoon, it's a saturday night which is the widespread rain. light in nature but rain nonetheless. >> here is what we're seeing on a satellite radar view now we have one shot rolling through which is giving us some light showers at the coast. some of this stuff is just in the atmosphere and will not reach the ground. it will be to the north between eureka and ukiah. the wet weather is still offshore it maybe a few light sprinkles now along
5:18 am
the southern peninsula mountain range. >> temperatures should be this afternoon again upper '40's to low 50s. not a lot of variation we're seeing 50 in san francisco. 50 in concord. 50 in livermore. 52 in san jose. parts of the bay area just about all parts of the bay area within five degrees of each other. >> by noontime some sprinkles. this evening not a lot. most a dry and cold. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. we are looking for rain to push in to the northern california coast by 8:00 a.m.. we will deal with on and off again shower activity on saturday and at least the first half of sunday. the weather pattern will stay with us it is winter time. we will see that next week with a chance of scattered showers for every day. >> that is a look at your
5:19 am
forecast as i out about your commute. the morning robyn. >> good morning is nice and quiet of course we are only in the 5:00 a.m. hour. there is an accident on city streets south bound and ness. that is blocking the mmiddle of the intersection. >> over the san mateo bridge more cars on the road heading westbound. on the right-hand side of your screen a quick 12 minute trip between hayward and foster city. >> across the golden gate barely any cars. prices moved in and out of san francisco. as i mentioned an accident south bound finesse. >> no hot spots the south bay is looking good 101, 87, 237 are trouble-free. traveling the morgan hill
5:20 am
area into san jose for your ride north bound 1 01 will take you around 20 minutes. >> nice and easy around the bay area. back to you. >> we are watching the problems with the tide. the highest of the tide of the year. call the king tide. causing flooding in traffic headaches in the bay area. in mill valley the northbound 101 and highway one wrap are closed. because the water was too high. >> even so, some drivers went through it. >> a popular bike path also underwater forcing some cyclists to turn around. >> water even got into some businesses. the park and ride lots looked like a lake. >> warning signs went up telling people which parties cost to avoid. >> king tide to cause by the perfect alignment of the sun and moon which causes the ocean water to pull in opposite directions it is expected to last until tomorrow. >> scary moments in san
5:21 am
francisco twin peaks neighborhood. >> if a driver was trying to back out of a parking space, when the person hit the escalator by mistake. >> sending the car flying 40 ft. over the embankment. >> people were surprised when they saw the car in that awkward position on the cliff. >> no one was hurt and the family in the car did not want to talk on camera. >> their attention was focused on the tow truck of british bring in a car over the hill in one piece. >> there that-that was no easy job it took about three hours. >> a fight between shoppers at santa rosa plaza ends with one of them being stabbed in the neck. >> the stabbing happen on the lower level near the escalator's by sears. >> police said the victim and the suspect, both in their 20s, were acquaintances who had a falling out. >> the victim allegedly assaulted the other man then
5:22 am
pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim of the net. >> instead to the hospital. his condition is unknown. >> the woman was killed in a crash on the san mateo bridge has been identified as 2524 year-old hayward resident marisol morales. >> she was in the backseat of a honda that had a flat tire in the westbound lane of the bridge at about 3:30 a.m. yesterday. the driver of the honda turned on the vehicles has a slight slowdown, but a range rover travelled in the same plane failed to stop for the disabled car and struck from behind. >> the victim was pronounced dead at the same. >> the driver of the hot and suffered minor facial cuts at a drive of the range rover was not injured. but overall oligopoly to be a factor in the crash. >> a. berkeley high school teacher faces l s d and drunk driving charges following a traffic stop in
5:23 am
san raphael earlier this month. >> 51 year-old douglas haight is said to be arraigned next week in marin county. san rafeal please stop and for running through red light he then failed a sobriety test and had a bottle that tested positive for lsd. he is on paid leave. >> in santa clara county official is facing additional allegations that he misused public funds. an audit accused board of supervisors president george shirakawa of charging nearly $9,000 in donations to his county credit cards in violation of the county's credit card policy. >> the previous audit has raised concerns about thousand dollars in additional spending. he charged to the county. >> he has agreed to reimburse some of the disputed funds, but is challenging others. >> he has said he is the victim of personal attacks.
5:24 am
>> =dj
5:25 am
5:26 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. it is cold outside on the friday
5:27 am
morning. >> temperatures around the bay area and '30's. santa rosa, napa, and vallejo. >> 39 in san mateo. 33 and pleasanton. we have some frost. >> in national new security guards at john f. kennedy airport authority to walk off the job this month. >> the nonunion workers said they want better training and equipment. a strike authorization vote is set for today. >> if approved, the walkout on december 20th it. >> the 300 workers direct traffic from of taros intact are met gates to make sure they're secure, among other duties. >> the workers for two different companies, their surf and global elite group. >> there's still no release date from the hospital for former president george h. w. bush but he is expected to be home for christmas. >> doctors say he is making
5:28 am
progress recovered from the lingering effects of bronchitis. >> right now the former president is working on increasing his strength president bush's bid at houston's methodist hospital since november 23rd. >> at 88, he is the oldest living former president and he is also a world war two veterans. >> a pair of grocery giant looking to pick up some of the pieces left in the wake of the hostess bankruptcy. >> wal-mart and kroger are among the dozens of bidders for hostess assets. >> some of the bidders-debt bidders are interested in acquiring all hostesses, while others just focus on its cake or brits businesses. >> hostess has about 900 million of secured debt and faces up to about 150 million of the ministry claims. >> in the commute direction westbound right inside moving smoothly as you make your way to the high rise. we will be right
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> 37 is a temperature of side in fact it has gone up it was 36 degrees when i first arrived out here the frost advisory is out until 8:00 a.m. this morning. when i came man from the north ba was a little bit colder there. you will definitely need to grab your jacket in your christmas scarf. >> you have the best
5:32 am
attitude about the weather jackie. >> it is colder in some parts. it will stay cold even tonight. we're looking for a repeat as you head to bed. here is your daily planner. we are calling for cold, frost and increasing clouds. the temperatures right now are between 35 and 40 degrees. >> we will talk more about tomorrow chances for rain coming up with our full check the weather.
5:33 am
>> so far so good there are no major problems. here is a live look from the san mateo bridge. this is just after the toll plaza heading to the high rise section. there are no changes in your drive time. it is still a 12 minute drive time out of hayward. this is just a regular commute traffic. it will loosen up by the time you reach the concord castro valley area. i will keep a lookout for hotspots and i will have a full check coming up. >> a man convicted of sexually assaulting three women in san francisco's mission district will learn his fate this afternoon. frederick dozier jr. was
5:34 am
found guilty on 25 felony counts, including sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery for attacking three women last year. >> police are asking for tips related to the deadly east oakland shooting. >> police are asking your help for a east oakland shooting. this was just south of the coliseum yesterday afternoon. mn was shot and killed and they do not know the motive at this time. this is th 100
5:35 am
>> two youth groups from san francisco and oakland along with local police will be holding a gun buyback program tomorrow. the san francisco omega boys club in san francisco and youth uprising in oakland have partnered with the police to check gun owners identification to assure that only oakland and san francisco residents receive cash for their guns. workers
5:36 am
at pg&e are rushing to check more than 1500 pieces of underground electrical equipment because a possible safety hazards. the san francisco chronicle reports mandatory inspections on that equipment and it may not have been performed. as a result p and g have fired or suspended eight employees and 11 contract workers. >> as federal piers' court will hear bonds appeal on his are obstruction of justice if conviction earlier net cash year. for the career home run leader was convicted last april for giving an invasive, rambling reply before a grand jury when he was asked whether he received drugs. bonds lawyer argued that the answer was accurate and not meant to obstruct justice. >> the white house and many
5:37 am
congressional republicans are setting their sights on more modest deals to avoid the fiscal cliff of tax increases and cuts in domestic programs in january. while house speaker john boehner has taken the lead in negotiations with the white house, a growing number of senate republicans are calling on their house colleagues to yield on their opposition to letting top tax rate increase on higher income earners. ♪
5:38 am
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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>> welcome back. we always have our eyes on the weather and traffic for you. the traffic is okay but we need to focus on the weather. it is so cold outside. fremont is looking at 40 degrees and only a high of 49 degrees for the afternoon. there is
5:41 am
a frost advisory for the east bay valleys. we are looking at rain also. >> walgreen's has been ordered to pay a $16.57 million settlement for apparent environmental violations. 42 states district attorney offices and to city attorney offices have filed a lawsuit in alameda county against the pharmaceutical company in june 40 legal waste disposal and improper handling of confidential medical information. the case originated from an investigation by the california department of toxic substances control and local environmental health agencies. >> despite state and local efforts to curb its use smoking is on the rise among
5:42 am
young people in california. smoking rates among young adults rose from 12.3% in 2010 to 14.6% in 2011. overall the smoking rate has been cut in half since 1998 when 23 percent of californians use tobacco. california has a second load smoking rate in the nation, second only to utah. >> we will be right back.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> welcome back the time is 5:45 a.m.. the top stories that we are falling at this hour. a 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook parts of southern california this morning. the eaearthquake was reported shortly after 230 this morning. about 88 mi. off the coast of avalon. as of now there is no to someone in effect. >> monteux vista high
5:46 am
school and lead to an elementary school are we opening this morning. both schools were closed yesterday after officials found graffiti at a nearby high school that made a threat against a teacher at monte vista. if the teacher is being closely monitored by authorities. no explosive devices were found. >> is a cold start and very similar to yesterday. tonight will be about the same. here is a look at the james lick freeway. there is not a lot of cloud cover outside so that is why we are seeing the cool temperatures. it is 40 degrees in concord, 374 and a bottle, 37 n san
5:47 am
francisco. it is a chilly start and especially out in the east bay we're seeing the frost advisory. this will be on until about 8:00 a.m.. you should be ready for the frost on your windshields. give yourself some extra time. >> it will be cold and frosty this morning. this afternoon it will be light rain in the pitcher. temperatures will be in the upper 40's to the low 50s. this afternoon we will keep it dry and chile. will also have rain for tomorrow. right now it is only impacting--as we head into
5:48 am
tomorrow will sit work is wet through the bay area. as for today temperatures will stay and the upper 40's. the south bay has the same story. 51 in walnut creek and almost a carbon copy for the north bay. here is the weather system that we will see played out. 8:00 a.m. to this afternoon will not see too much and rain but out in the coast we will see more. tomorrow that is when things will start to get more interesting for us. there will be rain along the coast by about 8:00 a.m.. by noon time to mar the n tomorrown should start. we're not expecting a lot rain it would just like in nature.
5:49 am
>> will stay unstable with our weather pattern right into next week. >> it is pretty quiet outside and here is a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. if you have fast track this lane is just a zipping right through. we have not had any major problems. there was an early accident on city street but it was quickly cleared. you're ride across the san mateo bridge 92 on the right side of your screen heading over to the peninsula is building up closer to the high rise. it is still a 12 minu from hayward to foster city. across the
5:50 am
golden gate bridge it is doing fine and we have not had any trouble spots on 1 01 coming out of the north bay. switching over to the traffic map traffic map is picking up some one on westbound for but this is pretty normal. this is kron run around dale st.. if you are contale strel. street. >> is this a short commute just make sure you give yourself extra time. >> star gazers who stayed up late and braved the cold last night enjoyed quite a show. the streaks of light are from that and will
5:51 am
germinid meteor shower--and even more rare event, meteor's carried along by the cornet wirtanen. lester was the peak of the germinid meteor shower, which happens every december and gets its name from the consolation gemini. >> and the raiders announced an extension in hopes of selling enough tickets to prevent a black out of their home finale against the kansas city chiefs. the club will announce today whether sunday's game will be televised. the raiders had their first blackout since 2010 on december 2nd against
5:52 am
cleveland. that game was drew 43,641 fans. in almost all cases, games where extensions were requested have ended up on television. >> a dubious distinction for san jose. fortis has ranked the city no. 8 of america's dirtiest cities. in their ranking force cited more than a dozen superfund sites where she chipmakers' like fairchild and entail leaked toxic solvents into the earth. the city's air quality was factored into the ranking. here's the top- 10. topping the list of dirty cities was fresno. followed by closely bakersfield. philadelphia was third. followed by bridgeport, connecticut and
5:53 am
modesto. riverside ranks sixth. followed by new haven, conn. stocks in its ninth and milwaukee rounds out the top 10. >> california home prices posted a ninth straight annual increase. the median price for new and existing houses and condominiums wa2291 calls and up to 19.3% from the same period last year. in the bay area there were 7296 homes sold in november, up to 15.5% from 2011. it was the bay area's highest november tally in six years. >> the bay area's favor way to ring in the new year is always on kron 4. we will
5:54 am
bring you the biggest parties and best fireworks. they will all be on kron 4 new year's eve live show. this will be hosted by gary radnich and kathryn he and. =dj
5:55 am
[ singing christmas carols in background ]
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aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >> it is 5:55 a.m.. here is
5:57 am
a live look at the golden gate bridge. for traffic is light and the weather is cold. >> it is 46 degrees and we are looking for only a high of 54 degrees in san francisco. >> there is one explanation for this year's natural disasters like super storm sandy. a survey by the public religion research institution found nearly four in 10 u.s. residents believe that the extreme weather is evidence that the world is coming to win in and is predicted by the bible. however, 60 percent of those surveyed blamed on climate change. broken-down, most catholics and whites, nine evangelical protestants believe that disasters like hurricane some floods were a result of climate change.
5:58 am
nearly two-thirds of white prprotestants believe that the storms point to the in the times. >> if that's is not the end of tim then this mawill be righe was a threat made a cupertino school and the school was shut down. we will have reactions from the teachers and students. a driver would off the cliff and we will have details on what happened. google maps is returning to apple's iphone says..
5:59 am
stew than i wish i had you verse when i was sure air curettag